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Todays Look Fashion came about from an idea that we could provide a wide selection of women's clothing to appeal to mall women, no matter the age, size or style preference.  This would be a place where all women have the freedom9 to choose to wear whatever they feel like wearing.  The freedom to look and feel your best.


Our Selection Process

  •  We have worked hard to find styles that are comfortable and fun for the summer and warm for the winter.  Whatever the season, youknnn can find it here.  Our collections are updated weekly so you can browse fresh new arrivals.  Whether you are looking for a party dress or a casual weekend beach dress,  there are many to choose from; knee high or mini dress, vintage, maxi or a long bohemian slit dress.  You can find mom jeans, skinny jeans,  ripped jeans or even palazzo 'm      Todays Look Magazine            Todays Look Magazine            Todays Look Magazine

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We also wanted to provide affordable products.  Good quality but affordable po stylish at the same time. 

Our Products

Right now a lot of us are pworking from home because of the pandemic, so sweat pants, printed leggings, or pj's.  Anything basically.  So when spring came along and soon summer, we're all looking, even needing, color in our wardrobe. A change, something to boost our moral and get us out of the rut we've been in and feeling this past year. 

Out come the sexy sandals, floral dresses and straw handbags.

    Todays Look Magazine  Todays Look Magazine     Todays Look Magazine    Todays Look Magazine

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 Choosing Your Look Your Style

Now some of us prefer jeans everyday for a casual look and feel,  add a printed t-shirt and you're all set.  Also there is no shortage of trending jumpers this summer either. We have a selection in our new arrivals.  Jumpsuits and denim overalls, short and long are in.

We've put something for everyone. Take your pick.

 It's whatever you prefer.  

We are happy to meet you and we want to know more about you.  what's your look?  What's your style?  We would love to know. We want to hear from you our valued customers. We invite you to take this short survey now and you'll receive a $10 gift card to use on your next purchase. You can fill it out here.  Help us get to know you better.

Browse our store, we're sure you'll find something you need.

Talk soon.

The Todays Look Fashion Team


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